Our Performance

Our Stock Selection Process

We identify stocks using a proprietary screening process. The process favors companies that can consistently generate a high level of Return on Equity (ROE) and EPS growth. The process does not target companies in any specific sector or market capitalization range. Jason prefers to own a small number of high quality stocks and trade around the names as conditions warrant. He uses technical analysis to determine whether a given stock warrants an underweight, neutral or overweight position.

We have 3 models in place that cater to different investment objectives. You can learn more about each of our models as listed on the left hand side.

Highlighted below is our flagship model portfolio: Hillside Moderate Growth.  Over 70% of our client’s assets are invested in this portfolio.  The Hillside Moderate Growth portfolio most resembles that of a ‘balanced’ mutual fund.

Past performance is not an indication of future returns.
* Performance is presented gross of fees.
** Inception: Sept 2, 2014. Results beyond 1 year are annualized.
1 MG Benchmark: 30% TSX | 35% Universe Bond | 20% S&P Pref | 15% TSX Small Cap
Source: SIACharts.com

**This content is for informational purposes only. There are risks to investing in stocks and investment decisions must take individual circumstances into account. Please consult a professional advisor.**